When Skyler Tried Out For The Wrong Team

Happy Labor Day Weekend, folks!

This past weekend Ric & I were grateful to have a stay-cation at “The Wigwam Resort” in Old Litchfield Park. Ric & his (soon-to-be) former store & co-workers were treated to a stay-cation with their significant others as well as an awesome dinner!

We had A LOT of fun getting to chat with friends, swim, drink & eat! We celebrated two employee birthdays & of course Ric’s promotion!

If you don’t follow me on Facebook (follow us HERE). I announced last Friday, that Ric was promoted to Senior Assistant Manager at a new store opening in Peoria. We were originally set to transfer to the East coast region of Discount Tire. We are grateful for the opportunity to be able to stay in AZ instead!

The resort stay was exactly what this Momma needed — a break from chores & uninterrupted sleep! I was grateful for my Baby whisperer AKA nanny, who took the kids to the splash pad & kept the kiddos busy & entertained! I was able to enjoy one-on-one time with Ric (which was much needed).

After check-out, we headed home and got ourselves situated back into our daily routine. It’s also hockey evaluation day! We have been counting down the days for eval day!

Today embarks a new chapter in Skyler’s hockey journey! We are trying out for club hockey! He is set to try-out for division 8U hockey!

Try-outs or evaluation day consisted of:

  • Skating Drills
  • Hockey Scrimmage

Skyler did TWO hours of hockey back to back and loved it! As a Mom, I definitely never want to push my kids to do anything they don’t want to do. I do though want to encourage them to try their hardest, listen & have fun!

Skyler skated his best & showed his best! I’m one proud (anxious) Mom! We are now waiting for team set-ups & thus begins our first practice & first game! I’ll keep you up to date!




How I Gave-Up On Being A Mom

Guys, today I threw in the towel, I raised the white flag. I threw my hands up in the air. I’ve never felt so defeated in my 8 years of parenthood. Today, was that day hell broke loose in my home.

Obviously, having 3 kids fairly close in age isn’t like having a walk in the park. They bicker, fight & get on each other’s nerves. On most days, we can surpass the bickering and argue and they play fairly well together. Today, that was not the case.

Kate’s inner “diva” came out & since she missed a nap she was extra sassy & attitudey thanks to that lack of sleep. She was so out of the norm: not going to the potty, throwing her toys, not playing nicely or using her manners. Very unlike Kate. I tried to get to her level & talk to her to see what was bothering her. But, really she was just being a mischievous toddler.

The boys came home from school and were bickering as soon as they got out of the van. They fought over who could push the button to close the van & argued on who pushed it last. It got worst as they settled after unloading bags & putting uniforms away. There was kicking and jumping, a lot of tackling and running. Typical boy antics. But, for some reason, they were more concerned about how to rile up their sister. (Insert serious -FACE PALM-). Guys, it was brutal today! More so than I’ve ever experienced.

My kids, for the most part, are well behaved, they mind their manners, play along and when they do act up you can simply just ask them or tell them to be polite or to mind, their manners or even explain why they shouldn’t be misbehaving or acting a certain way. FOR THE MOST PART, I’ve thankfully haven’t had an issue aside from today. Today, I was pulling boys off each other, constantly tending to a crying child. I was looking at scratches, bruises and whatever war wound they could configure in their chaos!

I’ve never had to use so many timeouts in one day or take away iPads, iPods, tv or even threaten to bench them from sports! I used the mom glare, the mom tone of voice, and I even used the “don’t make me call your Dad.” I normally just have to say, “do we need a time out?” And, normally my kiddos straighten up and we never have to go to time out. Today, I was using almost every corner of my house! It was crazy! I have them a few minutes all separated to think about their actions & we talked about how we could do better. And, when I thought there was a breakthrough they became ninjas and attacked one another. Today, Momming was just hard!

Sigh, it was exhausting. I was trying to work simultaneously and it just was not going smoothly. One kiddo came home feeling blah. I assumed it was the crazy weekend/week we had. So I’m hoping for a restful weekend he should be golden. 

I’ve never looked forward to bedtime until today. After I got all 3 to bed I took some time for myself. Just some quiet reflecting. Right after, I walked into the rooms and tucked in, kissed and prayed over each of my kiddos. I stared at them for a little. They’re getting older. It’s heart-wrenching. Sometimes I forget they’re kids & they’re meant to be little terrors every once in a while. And, sometimes rules are meant to be broken or ignored whether we like it or not. They’re growing older and testing they’re limits. I guess it comes with the territory of aging. Ugh, bittersweet.

I hope I NEVER have another day like today, I nearly wanted to hide under my desk until their Dad came home to save me.

Have you guys had Momming moments like this?



How I Became A Mom Blogger: The Ultimate Beginners Guide

Ello Poppets! Happy Hump Day! Today’s post I wanted to touch base on a message I received off Facebook. A reader asked me, “How do you balance blogging and being a Mom?” and “How does one get started?”

To be honest, I get this question, quite often! And, here is my answer.

How does one get started & when did you start? For me, I needed an outlet. I love voicing my opinions, sharing my day-to-day life, and of course sharing my children’s milestones. I first started blogging when I found out I was pregnant with my firstborn. I was hesitant on sharing details and photos of my growing belly, but, I did so in private. Meaning, I would type blogs and just not share it or promote it. Figure out your niche, what do you want your blog to be about?  It took a while for me to figure out my niche, but I did figure it out. I decided I wanted to be a lifestyle, family blog. I wanted to share my DIY’s, recipes, make-up trips/tricks, stories (family, personal, etc.)!

How do you balance blogging and being a Mom? HAHA! I wish  I had an answer to this. I don’t. I just put myself on a schedule. I create posts and schedule them to be released on specific days. For me, that would be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I log-on when everyone is in bed and during the day when everyone is occupied. It isn’t easy by any means trying to balance both blogging and Momming. It’s also a challenge to being/staying consistent. But, you just have to find the time and dedicate yourself to it. And, that’s what I do. It isn’t 100% perfect, but, I do know I have a loyal group of readers.

As for vLogging, that’s a separate game all on its own. That takes more of my time than writing. It’s a lot of editing and a lot of camera time. It’s learning to figure out what to put out there for everyone to see and what is meant to stay private. There are times when I have the camera rolling and I forget to be present cause I’m so committed to getting a vLog out. Thankfully, my kids love it (they’re the sole reason we started vLogging.) But, sometimes I personally won’t put out footage and just blog about it instead. You have to find a balance in that as well. And, this is something I’m still learning about.

I always encourage everyone to start a blog, whether it’s a personal one or one to share with the world. It’s a great way to get your voice out there and share your thoughts. For me, it isn’t about the number of followers or readers, it’s about the content I put out and the enjoyment I get out of doing so. I love writing, I may not be great at it. But, it keeps me sane.

Have more questions? Please message me, I’m always happy to help!



Behind The Scenes Of A Filipino Kamayan (A vLog)

Hello! I totally forgot to hit schedule and save for “Monday’s” blog post! Since, its Tuesday this will make-up for yesterday’s post!

Over the weekend you probably have seen photos on my facebook/Instagram of food on top of banana leaves! In the Filipino culture, this style of eating is known as “kamayan” or eating with your hands. Our Family is VERY big, so we have multiple birthdays days from one another. To make it easy on celebrating, we plan one day in which we celebrate all those birthday celebrants in one day! It makes for one GIANT party!

I am thankful to have Family who loves to spend quality time together, no matter how crazy things get! So without further ado, here is our vLog from the weekend!


How To Lose Your Patience In Less Than An Hour


I’m a day late on my post and figured I’d do a twofer since I post Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! I wanted to touch base on something that I think as parents we all get tested with once in a while. And, that my dear readers, is patience.

I don’t know about you guys but, patience disappeared from me a long time ago after having three kids. I, unfortunately, lack it at times.  As a Mom of 3 I’m constantly shuttling to and from locations with three kids, and sometimes two dogs — it would be much easier doing errands or grocery shopping or even getting around from point A to point B alone, especially if I’m on a time constraint. The busiest days are the days I wish I had like 8 arms and there was more than one of me.

I had dropped Spencer and Kate off at Grandma’s aka Mom’s house so that I could take G-Pa and Skyler-Ian to hockey. Our whole day was eventful as it was also Skyler’s pre-birthday dinner. We got to hockey and a sleepy Skyler was just having an off day. Normally, my rambunctious 8-year-old LOVES going to hockey regardless of how tired he is. But, today just wasn’t his day. We were running late as is and I was quickly trying to get his gear prepped and ready for him to put on so he could join the others on ice. I was hurrying him as time was ticking, we had less than 5 minutes to get gear on and our butts on the ice.

As we slowly got his pads on and his uniform, he finally made his way down to the rink. I could see Skyler’s face just pouting from inside his helmet. G-Pa and I also made our way down to the stand to watch. Before Skyler got onto the ice, I pulled him aside and asked him if he just wanted to skip hockey for that day due to his poor attitude and what seemed like his unwillingness to want to do it that day. Even though we were already there, and dressed, I was willing to let him pass if he just wasn’t up to it. The last thing I wanted to do was force him to go on the ice. Surprisingly, He told me, he was just tired and wanted five more minutes of sleep. But, he didn’t want to miss hockey. I told him to try his best, gave him a hug and sent him off. As they began doing their drills, I noticed Skyler struggling a bit. Normally, Skyler does pretty well on catching-on to drills and things. I saw a Coach skate over to Sky and helped him with his stick handling. After a few guided efforts & some encouragement, Skyler succeeded on his stick handling. I could see his little smile from glass window pane of the rink. That’s the Skyler that I knew on ice.

At this moment, I was reminded that we are all going to have our good days, bad days, and just purely exhausted days. Very much like how Skyler was feeling.  Unfortunately, I forgot that Skyler was just 8 and a kid doing what he loved. I am so used to being so busy and doing things back-to-back and running errands, etc. That Skyler wasn’t, he normally would be in school as I accomplished these tasks. I had to cut Skyler some slack. It was an epic Mom fail — because even on the busiest days we still have to put forth our efforts to accomplish the tasks at hand, regardless of time constraints. Patience will be tested, I learned that fairly quickly. But, it’s about accomplishing the goals successfully and not stressfully. No matter how I try to speed processes up, it won’t do justice if it isn’t done correctly.

Skyler, ended his drills smiling. And, much energetic than before, I had apologized to him for rushing him and pretty much draining him out with errands before practice. He understood and he knew I was just trying to get everything done before dinner. That night we celebrated Skyler-Ian’s 8th birthday particularly early. We all enjoyed it and seeing smiling kids and happy faces were well worth the crazy day I had.


How I Lost My Dad To Cancer And Got Pregnant In The Same Year

Photo By: Luis Ibarra Photography


Today, I celebrate my oldest turning 8 years old! I can’t even grasp how fast time goes,  but, I’m so honored to see Skyler-Ian grow into a genuine, well-mannered gentleman. See, I believe Skyler was destined for a greater purpose than I had ever imagined. I know he was placed on this Earth for a positive reason, to change those around him for the better. See, I firmly believe that Skyler-Ian’s purpose was to change me for the better.
In December 2008, just freshly 20 years old, I found out I was a little over a month pregnant (out of wedlock). To make matters a little more complicated, per say, I had just lost my Dad to cancer just 6 months prior. I was in the middle of my sophomore year in college and was thriving in my entertainment career — well within my second season promoting & skating for the NHL. I was also working a healthcare job simultaneously. I had my plate pretty full!

I was “seeing” my on again, off again boyfriend cautiously. Well, I guess not cautious enough – obviously. We weren’t together at the moment I found out I was pregnant, but, things drastically changed when I did found out I was. There was a whirlwind, unexpected move to a different state in one day, unexpectedly quitting my jobs and leaving school. Enrolling in an out of state college & using the last of my savings to only afford ONE class! It was a struggle. I was grateful for the support of my Boyfriends family — his Grandparents, Sister & Mom during this sudden change.

I was blessed to have met a group of kids on my first day of my college class and they made me feel so welcomed!! The next six months, consisted of an impromptu Vegas-style wedding, walking to and from my school to my boyfriend (turned Husband’s) job. And, moving back home to AZ after completing my college class.

The beginning trimester of my pregnancy was the hardest, anxiety-filled struggle- EVER! It was in that moment I felt the most alone, afraid & uncertain of who I was, what I was meant to do. My faith was shaken to the core, in certain moments I no longer had faith or believed in God. I questioned myself daily & wasn’t confident I was able to be a Mother or Wife. I was in and out of the hospital due to stress, anxiety and other minor complications. At one point we thought I miscarried.

After moving back to AZ we started to settle into our norm. The pregnancy sped up and before we knew it on August 13, 2009, at 12:44 am my whole world changed.. for the better. I welcomed a bouncing, baby boy into the world! He came into this world surrounded by loved ones, a lot of eager Families. And, a lot of Friends who waited for hours in the waiting room of the hospital.

It was when I held him for the first time all my insecurities & worries disappeared. I realized he was put in my life for a reason. Our journey to learn and grow together begun. The first couple of months into the first year, I swear I had no idea what I was doing. Skyler-Ian changed who I was. When my Dad died I lost my way, forgot who I was & wasn’t confident in my purpose. But, Skyler-Ian taught me to be selfless, to be more patient, caring and learned to love stronger than before. And, he brought back my faith.

Today, Skyler-Ian still continues to teach me. I couldn’t be any prouder and blessed to have him in my life. He is an amazing, proud big Brother & loves and thinks of his siblings before himself. I don’t know how lucky I got with Skyler.

My dreams and wishes for him are to continue to thrive, grow and learn. To follow his dreams & goals no matter what they may be. My heart is SO full knowing that he is able to do the things he loves and I get to watch him flourish.

I know our journey is still in the beginning stages. But, I know we can only go up from here. Happy 8th Birthday, SIR!



How Katelynn Began Homeschooling For PreSchool

We’ve got ourself a lefty!

The boys have officially entered their second week of school! I officially have a 3rd grader who will be 8 on Sunday & a first grader who will be 7 this November!

Kate is 3 and will be 4 this December-guys, where have my babies gone!? I’m loving these ages but, I do miss having a little baby nugget around!

If you’ve followed me since the beginning you know that I had put Skyler in pre-school at 3 years old. At 4 we continued pre-school at home & at 5 he was off to public school! Spencer stayed home at 3-4 years old and we homeschooled until he was off to public school at 5!

Kate will be homeschooled for pre-school and we will be doing a lot of play dates/co-op preschool play dates. I discovered that Kate is a lefty just like me! (Woo-hoo!) I always found it hard when I was teaching the boys to hold a pencil when they were 3 how to properly hold it with their right hand. So thankful the Hubby and Brother stepped in to help, cause quite frankly, I don’t know how to hold a pencil in my right hand. Feels strange and incorrect when I do! So when I noticed Kate’s left hand was more dominant I was ecstatic!

We busted out the letter flashcards, number flash cards, and our preschool workbook! Kate can recite her alphabet, count 1-20, she knows her colors and a good majority of her shapes!

My goal this time around is to work on letter recognition and sound recognition. I’ll let you guys know how that goes! (Haha)

Check out this cute little video of Kate tracing today =]

What’re your favorite study habits?

Lots of love,


The Ultimate Guide To The First Week Of School (2017 Edition)

Hello Readers!

How are you guys? I hope you’re enjoying August (cause it came out of nowhere!) the boys officially went back to school this week! (YAY!)

I’m lying, kind of, well — they started school on Wednesday. Haha! And, they also have Monday off.. (shrugs). We are finally getting back into the swing of things. We got new uniforms this year and the kids love their teachers!

I’m glad that we are consistent with schools this year. That was my biggest worry that they’d have to start all over again. Currently, the boys have no complaints… yet. I’ve kept them on their sleep schedule throughout the whole summer (Yes, I’m that Mom). But, thankfully it worked out in my favor! They wake-up before their alarm, get ready for the morning, eat breakfast and put the door they go! Happy Mama!

Now, if I can only say the same about my sleep schedule! Phew! I’ve been everywhere, my sleep has been fluctuating– one day I’m super exhausted the next night I could stay up and run laps! It’s frustrating and funny. On the nights I can’t sleep I play solitaire or watch a documentary! I love documentaries, so sometimes that makes it worst cause I end up binge watching a bunch of documentaries.

They will officially have a full week of school in two weeks. Haha! But, as of now, it’s been a smooth sail! Have your kiddos started school?
Happy back to school month!



This was their FIRST school picture together. My heart!



How I Found Empty Promises In Empty Vows

No one said relationships were easy, let alone marriage.  Vows and promises seem like words with no meaning after stubborn arguments, where nagging voices just fill the air. You begin to imagine life without that person you spent years fighting to be with. Are all the arguments, miscommunications, and annoyances all worth staying for? I mean its simple, right? Pack-up, forget the memories, forget the love, forget the amount of effort you both put into making your relationship work. Just simply walk-out… that seems like the easiest option, doesn’t it? And, at times, YES it’s the smartest choice because every situation or relationship is different. You should never settle for less than what you deserve, ever!

But, what about situations where arguments are constantly made by the same problems not being fixed? What do you do than? I’m choosing to stay and fix. This is because I know that we are both imperfect. I knew going into this that we were both young, I knew it wouldn’t be easy.  Cause honestly since the beginning, it never was. But, I want to be the one that stays. I decided I don’t want to be the one that runs towards the opposite direction when the memories become clouded by arguments and the angry voices fill the air. I don’t want to imagine a life without him and I won’t wish for anyone else.

I wanted this. I wanted us. I wanted him.

I’m not just going to forget that when sh** hits the roof, and when things don’t fall perfectly into place. I want the good days and the bad days. I will deal with the arguments and raised voices. I want the stubbornness and the many times we don’t see eye-to-eye. I want the inconsistencies, the hypocrisies and contradictions.

I want to know him when he is at his lowest point, when he is at his worst and at the most unforgivable. I want to learn to love him any ways. 

I want him to know me. I want him to know how I only eat the top of bagels & will selfishly put the bottoms back in the bag, or how I only eat the cereal flakes from the Special K Strawberry cereal but, not eat the strawberries. I want him to know my flaws–all of them. I want him to know all of me & still find a way to love me and all my mess.

It’s learning to love someone for who they are, even through the fights and arguments. It’s saying, “I Love You” and meaning it even when life is difficult. It’s keeping your commitment to love them in good or bad**, and continually loving them when things get hard. Even when it seems impossible.

I promise there is light at the end of the tunnel. Be willing to change for the better. Listen. Even when you really don’t want too, really listen to how it effects your significant other. Apologize. Especially when its necessary to admit your faults. Learn. Be willing to learn from one another and lift each other up. These small gestures make big differences. I would know…

When you find love. Cherish it. Work hard to keep it. And, most importantly enjoy it.

To, Ric — I promise that I’ll stay. I promise that no matter what obstacle we face, I’ll fight with you & for you. I meant it when I said, “I love you — always & forever; anything & everything” and I’ll always mean it.

With love & respect,


**Bad relationships: this article isn’t intended to tell those who is involved in a violent relationship whether its physical, mental/emotional abuse to stay in that relationship. Every person has their reason on leaving a relationship, and I highly respect that & their choices to do so.**