How I Looked Like A Crazy Lady At Olive Garden

Who would’ve thought that staring at your child can make you cry tears of joy? Minus the fact I cry at every milestone my children hit, and every “first.” You can definitely expect tears from me. But, I never imagined just crying at a restaurant just listening to my 3 years old tell me a story about robots.

Since we moved back to Arizona, my family and I would always eat at Olive Garden. Even when Skyler-Ian was just my “baby bump,” we rarely go out to eat so we went out and I found myself staring at him as he talked of robots, and monsters during dinner. At some point between the beginning of this story, my eyes watered up. My friend even said, “If you cry I swear I’m gonna punch you”! HAHA! My Husband even asked why I was crying, I turned away and all I could say was “he is growing up so fast”.I couldn’t even pay attention to my son’s story, I just hugged and kissed him and brought him ice cream. Who would’ve thought that my little baby bump would be growing-up so fast?

Embrace them, love them, and cherish those memories. ❤ They’re not forever.


How I Tackled My 3 Year Olds Birthday Party

Hello valued readers!
It’s August! (jumps for joy!) oh, let all the birthday festivities begin! My oldest son: Skyler-Ian is turning 3 in exactly a week; meaning 168 hours, 10080 minutes, and 604800 seconds. But, really whose counting, right?! Psh, (insert eye roll).

This year we (Skyler-Ian & I) decided what theme to do this year. Every year I try and base a theme off of what he is into most. Obviously, it isn’t easy because his little imagination gets the best of him & can change themes in a blink of an eye. So, I stuck with his first (of many picks)- underwater adventure! (Aka sharks, dolphins, whales, etc.) I thought this would be a great theme considering I wanted to “handmake” the decorations starting with jellyfishes and fishes!

I’ll post pics of before and after in a new blog! ;] for my craft lovers! I’ll also dedicate a blog to Sky’s birthday & all the materials I used and where I got them!

Anyways, I pretty much have all the necessities minus possibly finding a new cake, I’m not settling with the generic Finding Nemo cake I got.. I want something a little more exciting! (No offense). I want to go out of the comfort zone and venture into local bakeries than you know corporate America. (No offense). With all due respect, I want to also support local businesses! =] (quiet round of applause). I also even contemplated making the cake
Myself- but, never really got around to doing it!

Moving on, I’ll post pics and so on as the party gets closer along with tutorials I did for decors, and dessert!

7 days!!! =D

Definitely moving on, Skyler-Ian is FULLY potty trained! Woohoo! Although he does still need help getting on the toilet otherwise he is good as gold! (oh, and the occasional help putting his underwear back on- sometimes it’s crooked!). But, other than that we are peachy keen!
I have been teaching Spencer to count 1-5, and know where his body parts are. And, even throw in learning his primary colors! But, being still quite young he really doesn’t like to sit still long enough to learn ;] but, we try!

Skyler-Ian learned how to open the small baby gate (ugh!) and unlock/lock the sliding glass door! (double ugh!). I don’t think I’ve never felt so displaced by a two-year-old! But, nonetheless, I need new tactics to keep them out of specific areas! Blah!

Anyways, that’s it for now- check in for Skyler-Ian’s birthday blog!

Pinky Guerrero