How My 8 Year Old Made Me Cry

Happy Monday, #GP5Fam! It’s been a crazy start to our week here in the Grr-arrow household! I mean when is it not ever crazy in my household, psh! Who am I kidding! I live with crazies! Haha! (facepalm)

Anyways, with hockey & figure skating in full swing. I barely can keep up with the household chores and sleep– speaking of sleep, I miss doing that. And, it’s usually when everyone is asleep, is when I can bust out the phone (or laptop) and get my thoughts on paper.

So, as a warning. We are gonna get sappy in today’s post. So grab your favorite blanket, get cozy on the couch, and grab some tissues & let’s get heartfelt! On today’s post, ”How My 8 Year Old Made Me Cry.”

Today guys, I was a parenting failure! You’re probably thinking I’m being over the top dramatic. And, I wish I was. My TDL was beyond overwhelming. I had emails to tend too, tasks to complete, calls to make and let’s not even get to my list of household chores that desperately needed to get done. I got up early to do some laundry, only to realize the clothes that were previously in the dryer were still wet. So the kids helped me get the wet clothes separated from the dry clothes and placed back in the drier to get dry.

After that, I started getting the sheets off my bed and started piling clothes for the next load of laundry. Mind you I still have a load in the wash, a load in the dryer. 3 piles outside my bedroom door that STILL needs to be done. Sigh. It just seems neverending. I was also on a time crunch as I still had to get Skyler’s homeschool assignments together. And, log on to work!

Time was not on my side today, even though I woke-up decently early. As loads of laundry were going, I scrambled to make sure everyone was fed- from the dogs, turtle and of course the kids!

Once that was ”somewhat” situated I launched my laptop and started on my emails. Simultaneously, I was working on some schooling issues for the upcoming school year which resulted needing to be done via a phone call. Of course, in perfect timing. Katelynn decided to have her full-blown tantrum, complete with ”exorcist” back arches and laying on the floor. All because I told her she couldn’t have fruit snacks for breakfast. Oh, and I stood my ground while I tended to my important phone call. Honestly, I should’ve just given her the damn fruit snack so I could get through my phone conference.

But, alas, In her best, high shrill, Katelynn sang the song of her people — loud enough for the poor lady I was talking to on the phone to hear. And, she politely said, ”Shes got some lungs on her”. Oh, If she only knew how I tried to muffle the sound on the phone so she couldn’t hear and failed epically to balance the phone off my shoulder & pick up a flailing 4-year-old off the floor. All while struggling to also hold a pen & notebook.

After picking Kate up, she was still whining and whimpering, as she still begged for the fruit snack. I continued to stand my ground and put Kate on the couch and walked away into another room so I can somewhat pay attention to what this lady was saying to me. I think I repeated every other sentence back to the lady, to confirm we were on the same page & in all honesty, just cause nothing was clicking.

I walked back out into the living room and put the phone on mute while the lady kept talking. I quickly tried to multitask and tend to Kate. Which resulted in a bigger meltdown cause she wanted to be held — which I, unfortunately, couldn’t do as I needed both hands as I was taking notes during the phone call.

After I no longer could take the whining, I turned on the TV and Thank heavens for Nick Jr, cause whatever show was on calmed Kate. And, after realizing fruit snacks were out of the question Kate drank her milk & ate cereal. (THANK GOD!)

Mind you through this whole Katelynn ordeal, Skyler was (as always) playing hockey in the living room. So I felt like I was playing dodgeball in the house trying to weave through and not get hit. Telling him to stop seemed impossible, also I don’t think he understood my ”miming” since I was on the phone.

Thankfully, I was able to go through my phone call, multitask on the laptop & go through emails. Still, laundry wasn’t done & homeschool didn’t start. My conference and emails took up a chunk of my time.

Once I was finally off the phone the kids reminded me that we needed to get cupcakes and cookies (something I had promised them last week). I packed all my electronics and earpiece and decided that my work would have to be mobile today.

When we got to the bakery we picked out our cupcakes, cookies and headed back to the car. As I loaded the kids into the car I dropped the box which resulted in all the frosting and cupcakes to turn upside down. Fabulous. I scrambled to save what decency the cupcakes had left and headed home.

I tried my best to hold myself together and figured, “What else could go wrong today?”  when we got home, my Husband was there to greet us. I was ready to cry and go in full-Mom-meltdown. And, then Skyler said something completely surprising.

He began to tell Ric about our day, and, I was just waiting for all the epic Mom fails, I had. But, he literally didn’t mention how stressed or frustrated I was. All he took out of the day was– regardless of how busy I was I took time to make Kate food, and turn on the TV for them, and that I drove them to get cupcakes and cookies. Skyle, looked at all the positives I did today, all my multitasking and was happy they got cupcakes and cookies regardless if it was half smashed.

I teared-up and Ric just looked at me like I was insane. I later went on to explain the day from my point of view. How crazy, chaotic it felt.

My kiddo for sure just served me a slice of reality and a good one at that. Perspective.





Story Time: I Cried Way More Than I Thought I Would

Happy Thursday, Friends! If you’re new to Guerrero Party of 5 — Welcome to the #GP5 Fam!

I recently just finished “The Living Library” event at Phoenix College and let me just tell you, I am changed. I know, so cliché. But, in all honesty, I cried way more than I thought I would.

To be able to share my personal story, my struggles, my obstacles and overcoming them. And, being so vulnerable was difficult yet empowering. I was in awe of the men and women who came to sit and listen to my story. I was truly grateful. There were SO many great “books” who came to speak, and to just learn a bit about them was just an honor.

The overall experience was one I had never experienced, the emotions throughout the day were so raw. As surprising, as it may sound. I haven’t told my story out loud in front of strangers if you will. Seeing their emotions as I spoke how it really resonated with them, was heartwarming. They felt what I was feeling and heard every word I said.

I was going to record my sessions and share it, but, I chose not too. I wanted to be in the moment and truly just be present with my listeners and engage wholeheartedly. I know this is just the beginning of my story and there is so much more to come. And, as I’ve said before its just starting to unfold. God has graced me with new opportunities, and I’m following his path for me.

I wanted to Thank Stephanie, the Social Justice Department, Phoenix College for the awesome opportunity. I especially wanted to say thank you to Mrs. Bould for her love and light.

The story is coming soon…





How I Rang In January (2014 Edition)

Hello, readers!
It’s been a whirl wind of a holiday and our family got sick right off the bat. Boo! Sinus infection, strept throat, viral infection, asthma and allergies have succumb the boys immune system! So, as a Mom I’m working three times as hard as before to help Ric, Skyler and Spencer. Not to mention take care of Katelynn as well. I’m one tired mama! I’m the last one standing trying not to get sick, pray for us!


Some updates are in store: Spencer is no longer regressing I his potty training, Skyler-Ian will be entering kumon for reading, and I have decided to complete my BSN! Spencer, has finally figured out this whole potty thing, and can successfully go alone! Phew! As for Skyler, we decided to place him into kumon to help him with reading and writing, and later on in a few months he willbe taking math. Talk about super Asian! 😉 Ric and I believe this extra help will be great for him once he enters kinder this year!


Katelynn, is getting bigger and rounder! They weren’t kidding when they said you really cherish the time and moments when you’re on your third (and final) kid!! I’m excited for her to develop her own personality, but sad that it’s going by quickly! In a month, she will be getting her ears pierced and I’m nervous and excited!!

Nonetheless, we are all great and rolling with the punches thus far. I have to get used to writing 14 instead of 13 which I keep doing. Hoping everyone is well!