STORY TIME: Moving to Vegas, Selling our Home!

What’s up GP5 Family! Man, Do I have a LONG story for you! It will answer a lot of questions and hopefully shed light on my life’s current situations! Cause I know you have to be curious (or nosy) HA HA! Whichever.

If you’ve followed me on social media you’d know that I took a slight hiatus on my Facebook, Instagram, etc. I did this for several reasons:

  1. I had to focus on the load that was on my plate (it was too much)
  2. I wanted to focus on my school work
  3. because I totally can =p

In the blogging world, it’s hard to really “take a break”, because to stay “relevant” or even keep up with affiliate partnerships, you have to stay consistent with your material! But, that my friends will be saved for another blog post, on a different day. ;]

Anyways, a lot of crazy unpredictable things happened within these past 3-4 months! First things first, 3 months ago we helped Ric’s Grandfather move back to Vegas. Which was completely bittersweet. It was pretty hard convincing him to stay in AZ but, nonetheless we did our best while he was out in AZ living with us. We call him weekly or every-other-week to check up on him.

Simultaneously, as we had moved Grandpa back, we were possibly tossing the idea around of moving. I say possibly because we weren’t even sure ourselves if we wanted to move or completely remodel/renovate the house. We decided to just check and see if we could qualify for another home loan, we hit-up our amazing loan officer (Craig) at Summit Lending. And, we were approved! Regardless, of being approved, we still weren’t 100% sure when this “potential move” occur. So, we did our “online search” for new homes and began packing our items, gathered items to donate/sell, etc. We figured packing our items would make it easier to renovate (pull flooring, repaint, etc.) Which totally did! My Step-Dad and Mom went into full “Fixer Upper” mode and went on painting our home and got it ready for renovations (or possibly move). Thanks, Tito Ramil & Mom!

Half-way through renovations, we decided to take a look at some houses that we saw online. Just to “see”.  We teamed up with an awesome realtor (whom we highly recommend– Hi, Katie!) and low and behold we found a home and absolutely adored it! We put an offer on the home and it got accepted!

Of course with purchasing this new home we had to sell our current home, so we started looking into various methods of selling our home, whether that was through a quick sale or a traditional method.

When inspection rolled around on the new home that we had put an offer on, we received not so great news on both ends (from selling our current home and purchasing our new home). So, we pulled out of the offer and canceled the sale of our home, thus bringing us back to square one.


Now, if you haven’t been through a home buying or selling process, at times it can most definitely be STRESSFUL. It can also be draining, exciting and to sum it up it’s basically every emotion you can think of! Have you seen “Inside Out?” if you haven’t, go watch it. It’s basically all those emotions in one sitting. LOL! I swear it is a fun process though!

Credit: Amy Schumer via Google

—> Low key, this is what I did 95% of the time, stressing, crying and drinking wine! LOL <—

A lot of finances went into purchasing, selling, renovating, moving Grandpa back to Vegas, catching up on all the bills — that we honestly were tight on funds. It was a trying moment, to say the least. And, of course when it rains it completely pours. I also found myself jobless. (What else could go wrong? right?!)

And, for those who knew the gist of my life at that moment and called, sent food, and just helped in every way possible. Thank you, your phone calls, messages, and prayers were everything and more! You all know who you are ❤

Now, I firmly believe that God doesn’t put you through something you can’t handle. During these trying moments, I consistently leaned on my faith, my Family and spent a lot of my time worshiping in church. Something I recently started doing, again! — You can read more about it– HERE! For sure, God knew what he was doing because not even a few days after the fiasco he sent us a blessing.


If you didn’t already know (which I am sure you did) — Ric was promoted to manager! (Again, Huge thank you to the Lizarraga Family, AZP57, the DTC AVP’s, VP’s and everyone who has taught Ric, and supported Ric on his journey. Thank you to our Families for all the love and support since day 1). And, the timing couldn’t have been more perfect! Amongst the storm, God sent us a rainbow! Ric and I said that God had a different plan than what we had envisioned.

Ric getting promoted fixed a part of our problems, but, that didn’t solve our “are we moving? or staying?” dilemma. We decided to just finish renovating the home, and let God take care of everything else.

After an abundance of obstacles, and learning about various processes of selling our home, we jumped in head first and within a few weeks, our house was…


It was most definitely a bittersweet moment, we obviously turned our first house into a home! Made a lot of great memories there. But, we had grown out of the space. With selling our home, brings us on a new journey…


Excited is an understatement, our newest adventure is yet to unfold are you ready to join us? Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to our blog as I blog about our moving, search for a home, and much more! We have a few surprises along the way! So stay tuned! You don’t want to miss out!







How My Boys Learned To Protect Themselves From An Active Shooter

He stood on top of the toilet & said, “this is what we were told to do when an intruder comes”…

Hello! (Crickets chirping) I know you’re probably wondering where I’ve been & what happened to post M-W-F as I advertise. Trust me, I know. But, Life happened.

So, much has happened this past two weeks – more than what I was ready to shoulder. An unexpected death, my return to school, my job, epic time management fails, motherhood, sports schedules, the Las Vegas shooting, new schools.. trust me the list can go on & on!

And, please don’t think I’m complaining. I’m not. It’s just life is happening and there is no way to stop it or slow it down. I can’t change what I can’t control. Even though I wish I could. Anyways, we have been rolling with the punches as they come. Staying positive & relying on faith and prayers that things will smooth out. I know they will.

As I lay in bed typing this blog, I’m just embracing this moment of silence. It’s been awhile since I’ve had a moment to myself. Silence is a great time to collect my thoughts. First off, my heart aches for the tragedy in Vegas, my heart aches for the world in general. Every day I find myself having to shed light or bring back some positivity in my kids’ lives. Both boys are fully aware of what’s going on in the world around them. They understand why People cry when someone passes, they understand why as Parents we are so concerned for their safety at such highly public places due to so much hate and unexpected chaos. They understand why Mommy & Daddy are protective of their overall well-being. They get all of that. But, what they can’t grasp is why other people would do harmful or bad things, just because. And, unfortunately, I can’t even try to explain why people do such bad things to others for no reason.

True story, the other day the boys came home from school and I heard them talking in the bathroom. I walked over to the bathroom and saw Skyler standing on the toilet. I asked why he was standing on the toilet & to get down. He said, “I was just showing Spencer. We learned it in our drill. If there is an intruder and we are in the bathroom that this is what we should do.”

As a parent, I was in shock. This is what the world has come too. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for the drills and protective matters the school teachers to ensure our children’s safety. But, I’m saddened by the fact someone could even walk into a school building and harm innocent children. Back when I was in elementary the only drills we practiced was the bus drill, Fire, and tornado drills. I’m just in awe!

See as parents we can only “shield” our kids from learning or understanding so many “bad” things. They’ll eventually learn about it in school, see it on tv, or Joe next door told Sally who told Billy who then told your kids on the bus. It’s inevitable.  I mean We can only hope that our kiddos know the difference between right and wrong & don’t fall into peer pressure and steer away from the bad, wrong things in life.

I learned the hard way from the boys entering elementary school. I now tell them if they question if something is good or bad to come ask an adult prior to whatever it is they’re attempting to do or say. I now get asked often if a specific word is a bad word cause one of their classmates says it, or if a certain tv show or character is appropriate to watch cause they saw it on YouTube. I’m glad my boys are open to communicating (right now) & I hope it stays that way.

I know that my Husband and I can only do so much in raising our tribe. SSK might be an incomplete understanding of our morals, values in our home but, as soon as they step foot out that door. It’s a different world. We constantly remind them of who they are. And, tell them to stay grounded and be humble. Cause apparently these days, even in elementary school it’s a TOUGH pond. Kids will tear you apart, they will eat you alive! There’s bullying, there are cliques, there’s so much negativity. It’s mind-blowing!

We always tell SSK to “be the change we want to see in the world.” To be the better, kinder person. We teach them to be everyone’s friend, to reach out and help others. We always tell them if you see someone sitting alone, be their buddy and sit next to them. We teach them to treat others with respect. We show them to be kind & use their manners. And, so on and so forth. I mean c’mon all I’m trying to do is raise my kids to be well-rounded, well-mannered individuals. Isn’t that all of our goals? And, I know for being 8,6 & 3 that they’re capable of being the change in the world because it’s the example I’m setting & the things I’m teaching, and the people I’m surrounding my kids with.

Now, I’m no Saint. I have my flaws & my children aren’t perfect angels. Trust me. But, I’m always trying to put my best foot forward. But, I have hope that my kids will make a positive impact in the world someday. And, as of now, the world needs more positivity & kinder hearts. The world needs to see change.

So, as I end this blog post for the night. I want to encourage you, in your moment of silence, think of all those whom we have recently lost. Think of all those tragedies the world has been seeing. And, really use the silence to steer you and guide you into what can we do to make the world better? What could we do to shine more positivity? It doesn’t have to be gigantic goals, baby steps are always great! For me, it’s teaching the next generation to be the change. To shed positivity & be kind. It might not do a lot, but, it will help!

Sending you love, positive vibes & blessings!