Hello, GP5!

First and foremost, thanks for reading our blog! It truly means the world to us! Thank you for all your messages regarding our moving adventure! And, although we haven’t shed much light on the situation, we can finally address that …


EEK! We have wanted to share this news for a while and didn’t want to say anything until everything was finalized! I’m sure those who have purchased homes understand where we are coming from. I am so superstitious (it’s ridiculous), I didn’t want to jynx the sale of the home! (HAHA!) We have been on a house hunt for a while now, and well, its safe to finally say, we have a house!

Now, the most popular question of all… “Where did you buy a house?” this has been my favorite question to receive! From text messages, IG DM’s, Facebook messages, and much more! There has been much speculation about where we will buy a home, locations vary from Las Vegas to New York! And, we are happy to announce that we have purchase…….

YES, we stayed in the valley! To clarify, we moved Ric’s Grandfather back to Vegas. Hence, last weeks blog title!! ;] And, although we thought of moving away from the West Valley, we found the PERFECT home for our little tribe! For now, we will leave you with this photo. And, stay tuned for the next blog posts on renovations, remodeling, and all that other fun stuff! ;]


How I Lost My Internet


Its been awhile now, I know. Shame, shame! I was without a charger for quite some time (you can thank my teething puppy for that one)! I have a few updates (and quite honestly, “few” is probably the worst word to use because I have A LOT of updates ;])

  • We started school and Skyler is LOVING first grade! One of his best friends is in his class again this year and the others are just right next door, he was SUPER thrilled to see familiar faces! Spencer, is of course still doing workbooks with me at home & going to speech therapy weekly! He has been doing some educational assessments to see if we can get him started early! **FINGERS CROSSED** Other than that, its starting to become bittersweet how each child goes off to school and I’m realizing its just going to be Kate and I at home. (Excited and sad) for this new transition!
  • One of the last blogs I posted, I mentioned we were trying to move! Well, it looks like God knew what he was doing and time was in our favor! We are officially moving! Now, before I get into the nitty gritty of things I have to say this. Sometimes things don’t always happen in your favor for many reasons, and I think during this journey I definitely learned that the hard way! My Grandma got very ill during this whole process home searching process, finances weren’t always in store, or something else kept coming up. Tons of tears were shed, frustration hit its highest peek point, Ric & I seriously could’ve thrown each other off the Grand Canyon at how stressed-out we were. BUT, nonetheless, we prayed– together as a Family, in silence individually & just asked for guidance. Asked for God to tell us when. So, a lot of things didn’t pan out as we planned, but, we were grateful for split second decisions and trusting that this is what was best for our Family. A HUGE thank you to my Uncle, a thank you to my Mom & lots of love to our Families who supported us and patted us on our backs in good times and in bad. We finally will be moving!
  • Skyler-Ian celebrated his 6th birthday or a “Minion Extravaganza!” filled with minion treats, minion cupcakes, and minion twinkies ;] LOL! It was a very LAST minute planned party as we were battling scheduling issues, house things and of course sicknesses. Thankfully, we were able to pull off a grand last minute party! I won’t lie, I might’ve missed a few people to invite (SORRY!) It was a lot of “oh yeah, this Saturday…” and a lot of “Did I tell you about Sky’s party on Saturday?” and my favorite “Oh Crap! I forgot to invite _______ to last Saturday!” Yep, that happened. We were happy to have our first party with school friends! That alone made Sky’s day! The kids spent it eating pizza, cake and swimming for hours on end! Wanna talk about 50 shades of dark? Cause my boys definitely surpass the tan filipino skin– they’ve got the nice roasted tan!

These are just a few of several things I am probably forgetting to share with you. Typical, Pinky- huh? LOL! I began packing the house and I feel like a character out of “Box Trolls” and I’m sure you can all guess why.. (and, if you can’t thats ok.. its one of those days. haha)– its because of all the boxes stacked in the hallway and other rooms. I won’t lie though, its nice to be able to go through a lot of our belongings and donating a bunch of it to a Catholic Charity. It is also nice to be able to sell a few items.. in which you can peep here  in case you would like to purchase some of these nice things ;] It is strange seeing bare walls, and empty rooms. Its a little sad & exciting knowing that we are moving forward and creating new memories in our new home. I just know that we will be back at it and redecorating in no time! I do have photos to share.. but, of course they’re not uploaded.. yet!!! I promise I’ll get to it!


Pinky G.