Story Time: I Cried Way More Than I Thought I Would

Happy Thursday, Friends! If you’re new to Guerrero Party of 5 — Welcome to the #GP5 Fam!

I recently just finished “The Living Library” event at Phoenix College and let me just tell you, I am changed. I know, so cliché. But, in all honesty, I cried way more than I thought I would.

To be able to share my personal story, my struggles, my obstacles and overcoming them. And, being so vulnerable was difficult yet empowering. I was in awe of the men and women who came to sit and listen to my story. I was truly grateful. There were SO many great “books” who came to speak, and to just learn a bit about them was just an honor.

The overall experience was one I had never experienced, the emotions throughout the day were so raw. As surprising, as it may sound. I haven’t told my story out loud in front of strangers if you will. Seeing their emotions as I spoke how it really resonated with them, was heartwarming. They felt what I was feeling and heard every word I said.

I was going to record my sessions and share it, but, I chose not too. I wanted to be in the moment and truly just be present with my listeners and engage wholeheartedly. I know this is just the beginning of my story and there is so much more to come. And, as I’ve said before its just starting to unfold. God has graced me with new opportunities, and I’m following his path for me.

I wanted to Thank Stephanie, the Social Justice Department, Phoenix College for the awesome opportunity. I especially wanted to say thank you to Mrs. Bould for her love and light.

The story is coming soon…






4 Reasons Why You Should Come To The “Living Library” Event

Hello, GP5 Family!

I hope you are all having a fabulous Wednesday! In all the hustle and bustle of yesterday’s adventures, I forgot to mention an event that I am participating in, and it’s held in Phoenix, AZ.  And, I would LOVE to invite all of my GP5 Family and Friends to come take part!

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I know, I know — this Kevin Hart meme is totally on point! — Haha, In all honesty, I should’ve mentioned it sooner, but, we were ironing out the kinks for the event. Now, I’ve been mentioning and hinting throughout social media, about my story. And, where many of you have shown interest – well it’s almost time for you to hear it! =D

The Living Library is similar to your traditional library in which a reader will borrow a book for a short period. The only key major difference is that in The Living Library, the books are real people who have agreed to sit down and share their story.

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How awesome is this? There are TONS of amazing books to check-out with inspiring stories to share, including mine! ;]

Here are 5 stellar reasons to come to the event:

  1. There are A LOT of amazing books to check-out! From children of holocaust survivors’ to Women’s March Leaders to former Prisoners or hear the stories of those who were once homeless and how they inspired to change and bring hope to those in that situation, and MUCH more!
  2. The Living Library is a two-day event, so if you can’t make the first event, don’t worry you can come to the next one! ;]
  3. The books will talk about their story for an hour, with plenty of time for questions and answers! So, if you’re curious about mine, you should sign-up!
  4. The event is hosted in Phoenix, AZ at Phoenix College on February 27-28 from 10am – 2 pm

Come learn and listen as…

Phoenix College Social Justice Organization presents

The Living Library

Tuesday, Feb. 27 & Wednesday, Feb. 28

10:00am—2:00pm @ Phoenix College

Sign up at: 


I would love for you to hear my story & would love to meet you!