Happy National Daughter’s Day, Katelynn Marie!

My Dearest Katelynn,

I knew I wanted to have another baby, but, I didn’t know that it was you that I needed until God placed you in my heart. From the moment I found out I was pregnant, I prayed for you… I asked God to bless me with a healthy little Girl. One to call my own, one whose heart would love and know Jesus. One with ten little toes, ten little fingers, and gorgeous eyes with beautiful long lashes like her Father. One whose head was filled with locks of curls, with a personality like her Lolo Rudy, and with the sass and determination of her Mom, Purita. A little girl who would grow-up brave, independent and one who would make a difference in the lives of many. One who would keep me on my toes, one whose eyes saw the beauty in everything she saw. One who could rough it up with the boys.

And, then you were born. The day you were born you changed everything. You made it known that you marched to the beat of your own drum, that you were born with a purpose, that you are strong and courageous. The moment I held you, Katelynn, I knew that you were the missing piece to our puzzle. You completed our Family.

As you continue to get older, I hope you never lose that twinkle in your eye, I pray that you continue to look at the world as magical and beautiful as you see it, I pray that you continue to keep everyone on their toes with your personality and spunk. I know you’re eager to share your talents and skills with the world, but, in all honesty, the world isn’t ready for you yet. ;]

Thank you, my little Gremlin for blessing us with your grace. We love you more than you’d ever know.




How I Became A Mom Blogger: The Ultimate Beginners Guide

Ello Poppets! Happy Hump Day! Today’s post I wanted to touch base on a message I received off Facebook. A reader asked me, “How do you balance blogging and being a Mom?” and “How does one get started?”

To be honest, I get this question, quite often! And, here is my answer.

How does one get started & when did you start? For me, I needed an outlet. I love voicing my opinions, sharing my day-to-day life, and of course sharing my children’s milestones. I first started blogging when I found out I was pregnant with my firstborn. I was hesitant on sharing details and photos of my growing belly, but, I did so in private. Meaning, I would type blogs and just not share it or promote it. Figure out your niche, what do you want your blog to be about?  It took a while for me to figure out my niche, but I did figure it out. I decided I wanted to be a lifestyle, family blog. I wanted to share my DIY’s, recipes, make-up trips/tricks, stories (family, personal, etc.)!

How do you balance blogging and being a Mom? HAHA! I wish  I had an answer to this. I don’t. I just put myself on a schedule. I create posts and schedule them to be released on specific days. For me, that would be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I log-on when everyone is in bed and during the day when everyone is occupied. It isn’t easy by any means trying to balance both blogging and Momming. It’s also a challenge to being/staying consistent. But, you just have to find the time and dedicate yourself to it. And, that’s what I do. It isn’t 100% perfect, but, I do know I have a loyal group of readers.

As for vLogging, that’s a separate game all on its own. That takes more of my time than writing. It’s a lot of editing and a lot of camera time. It’s learning to figure out what to put out there for everyone to see and what is meant to stay private. There are times when I have the camera rolling and I forget to be present cause I’m so committed to getting a vLog out. Thankfully, my kids love it (they’re the sole reason we started vLogging.) But, sometimes I personally won’t put out footage and just blog about it instead. You have to find a balance in that as well. And, this is something I’m still learning about.

I always encourage everyone to start a blog, whether it’s a personal one or one to share with the world. It’s a great way to get your voice out there and share your thoughts. For me, it isn’t about the number of followers or readers, it’s about the content I put out and the enjoyment I get out of doing so. I love writing, I may not be great at it. But, it keeps me sane.

Have more questions? Please message me, I’m always happy to help!